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Simple Self-Care, Part II   Leave a comment

Practicing regular, mindful breathing can be calming and energizing and can even help with stress-related health problems ranging from panic attacks to digestive disorders.”
Andrew Weil, M.D.

With all the stressful events that we are thrust into on a daily basis, one of the easiest way to get a handle on the situation(s) is to remember the power of breathing.

During a stressful occurence, one of the things that happens is that your breath becomes shallow.  This leads to a lack of oxygen when your body needs it most.

You are probably wondering – “well, I know how to breathe or I wouldn’t be alive.”  Yes, that is true but when you realize that you forgot that you’ve got your kid’s car pool duty, the dress that you wanted to wear for your night out won’t be back from the cleaner’s, etc.   Your mind starts to race and then your breath will become shallow, not to the point of hyperventiling but pretty darn close.  It is only when you remember to breathe deeply do you realize just how shallow it was.

There are several excellent guides on how to control your breath that will not only calm you down but will help you maintain your health.  One expert is Dr. Andrew Weil whose 2000 audiobook – Breathing: The Master Key to Self-Healing is an comprehensive guide to how to utilize proper breathing techniques to propel you to better health.   I also recommend the 2005 audiobook Breathe – Guided Yoga and Breathing Exercises To Relax and Revive by yoga master Rodney Yee.   He uses the ancient art of Yoga to help relax and redirect your body.

I hope that these suggestions help and remember to relax and breathe!

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