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Simple Self-Care, Part I   Leave a comment

Hello and welcome to my first blog posting!

We get asked for suggestions on how to extend the benefits of massage if the client is too busy to get on the table.

Simple Self-Care is accessible to everyone and the outcome is the same: a feeling of relaxation and getting back to your body.

One of my favorite suggestions is an epsom salt bath.  Epsom salts can be found in most pharmacy shelves in a very unassuming (generic) package.   Run a slightly warmer than usual bath and add two cups of the salts to the filling tub.  If you’d like a little pizazz, add some essential oils, several drops of lavender is great after a very stressful day.   If you are going out later, revive up your sagging emotions with peppermint oil or scotch pine.  If you don’t have a store that carries oils, check the internet.  Pure essential oils go a long way, so a small size (1/8 oz.) will last.  Adding some bubbles not diminish the benefits either.

Once you are out of the bath, gently dry off and apply your favorite moisturizer.  Bath and Body Works has a very extensive selection of yummy scents for you to try.

Of course, when the time is right, head to your local massage therapist and enjoy the rejuvenating, stress-busting benefits of a great massage. 

Until next time,
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